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"95% of the PNC building is access flooring.

We were able to put any kind of finish over it -so we used it everywhere. The entire underfloor system, including air, modular wiring, and systems furniture helped to take relocation costs down from $3,000 to $300 possible with conventional systems.

Elmer Berger - L.D. Astorino Companies Architects of PNC Building

So why should you use Compu-site?

There are dozens of reasons to choose Compu-site for your next project. Here's quick run down of the top 5 reasons we're the only team you should consider for you installation or renovation:

  1. 1. Our Experience

    Compu-Site Technologies, Inc. is a privately held manufacturers' representative founded in 1987 with the goal to provide our customers with the best products on the market affordably and problem free. Since our inception we've consistently and successfully achieved that goal through our strong relationships with our manufacturing partners and by providing unparalleled, high quality service from the start of our clients' projects all the way through the end of the project and beyond. Once Compu-Site Technologies, Inc. performs a project for you you'll never find another company that will meet the high standards we set before during and after the project.

  2. 2. We're Number One in Raised Access Flooring

    Compu-Site Technologies, Inc's cornerstone business has always been Tate Access Floors, Inc. products and we've established ourselves as one of Tate's remier dealers because of our hard earned reputation as an expert in the access floor industry.

    Through the years we've expanded our product line beyond the access floor industry to offer those interior systems which are high quality, affordable and flexible solutions.

  3. 3. Exclusive Partnerships

    Compu-Site Technologies, Inc. is a dynamic manufacturer's representative of specialty construction products. The first specialty product manufacturer we formed a relationship with was Tate Access Floors, Inc. and we're one of Tate's more highly respected, experienced dealers having completed projects throughout the United States, Canada and Jamaica.

    We've expanded our product lineup through the years to include: America Cable Systems (ACS) under-floor power, voice and data solutions; Communication Integrators, Inc.(CII) under-floor power, voice and data solutions; Shaw Contract Carpet; Julie Industries Static Smart ESD flooring solutions; Access Cable Trays (ACT) under-floor cable tray solutions; Smoke Guard elevator smoke containment systems; and Wireway Husky security wire partitions and enclosures to name a few. All of the manufacturer's we represent feature innovative design, cutting edge research and development, meticulous craftsmanship and superior functionality.

  4. 4. After-sales Services

    Once Compu-Site Technologies, Inc. has installed your Tate access floor, Smoke Guard elevator smoke containment systems, etc. we have specialized maintenance programs that can be tailored to suit your companies budget and rigorous demands. We also offer these specialized maintenance programs for systems that we may not have originally installed

    Call our experience staff to set up an onsite evaluation!

  5. 5. Commitment Guarantee


    When it comes to customer satisfaction our goal at Compu-Site Technologies, Inc. is to exceed your expectations every time. We commit ourselves to providing our customers with high quality products and services. Learn more about Compu-Site Technologies, Inc's products and services.

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