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"Underfloor air affords the

occupants a greater connection to the outdoor environment in a way that is just not possible with conventional systems.

Roger Kingsland - Managing Partner, KSBA Architects

Environmental Maintenance

Rapid advances in technology have resulted in more miniaturization and sensitivity of mission critical electronic equipment to dust, dirt and electrostatic charges. One of the main causes of electronic equipment failure is from environmental contamination within the facility. Can you afford to have your facility go off-line because you decided to save money on environmental maintenance within your critical facility? The answer is obvious.

State of the art facilities require more specialized maintenance than your typical janitorial services provide.  Compu-Site Technologies, Inc. is your full service specialized mission critical facility environmental maintenance services provider.  We have over 25 years of unparalleled successful experience in this industry and we stand ready to offer our services tailored to your exacting requirements. 

Regardless of whether your mission critical facility has an access floor system or not, Compu-Site Technologies, Inc. specializes in maintaining the environment within your facility without breaking your budget.  A sampling of the types of facilities Compu-Site Technologies, Inc. currently maintains include Fortune 500 corporate data centers, banking industry data centers, Telco/PBX rooms, NOC’s/command consoles facilities, IDF/MDF rooms, server rooms, telephone rooms, battery rooms, UPS rooms, telecommunication head end facilities, emergency dispatch centers, co-location sites and switch gear rooms.  Maintaining the environments within these high tech, mission critical facilities requires meticulous, specialized and regularly scheduled maintenance services.  Our technicians are thoroughly trained to facilitate working safely within your operational facilities to avoid the occurrences of maintenance shutdowns.  Whether you’re looking for comprehensive services on a monthly basis or less frequent services tailored to your specific requirements Compu-Site Technologies, Inc. is ready to provide the highest quality services available using the equipment and industry specific cleaning agents required for the job.

Services Available:

  • Post Construction Final Cleaning
  • Data Center Cleaning
  • Sub-floor Cleaning
  • Wall and Ceiling/Plenum Cleaning
  • VCT Flooring Strip and Wax (ESD)
  • Data Center Equipment Cabinet Cleaning
  • Access Floor Surface Cleaning (ESD)
  • Minor Access Floor Adjustment
  • Access Floor Edge Trim Replacement

Call Compu-Site Technologies, Inc. to arrange for a free on-site analysis so we may compile a comprehensive maintenance estimate tailored to satisfy your specific requirements.  Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week based on your scheduling requirements.  We’re cognizant of typical time constraints related to mission critical facilities and we’ll work within those constraints getting the maintenance completed to standard.

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